"The Quintessential Production Master"

-LA Radio People


"14 years ago when it was time to put jingles on KFWB in Los Angeles....we immediately turned to Michael and his parole officer----they came thru big time! In fact, those are STILL on KFWB ... 'giving us the world in 22 minutes.'"

Ken Beck
Director of News/Talk/Sports Programming-Entercom Communications


I have known Michael Sheehy for several years…and I’ve admired his voice even longer. In particular, for quite some time now, Michael has provided the voice-over for nearly every Sport Chalet radio spot we’ve produced. During that time, Sport Chalet has experienced tremendous sales volume and consistent growth. And frankly, every client campaign we have used Michael on has performed beyond our expectations. At The Right Angle, Inc., we are very proud to have contributed to the success stories of companies like Sport Chalet. And Michael Sheehy has played a key role in those successes.

David Wilson
The Right Angle, Inc.


"There’s a smoothness and comfort to Michael’s voice. Yet it’s still big enough to get the message across authoritatively."

(Excerpt from Radio & Records Interview)

Chris Brodie
Program Director
KTWV The Wave
Infinity Broadcasting
Los Angeles


"Perfectly in sync with the sound of Smooth Jazz today. It’s some of the best work we’ve heard."

Frank Cody
President Broadcast Architecture



"Michael is super! Whenever we've needed help with any of our projects... he and his guys have been here Johnny-on- he-spot ready to lend us a hand. We wouldn't think of calling anyone else... they do a superb job on anything they tackle. What impresses us most is not their knowledge of music ... but their hunger to learn more. He's one of a kind."

Wesley & Marilyn Tuttle
Members of the:
Western Music
Hall of Fame
Sons of the Pioneers
Town Hall Party
San Fernando, CA


"Michael has the smoothest voice in the business. You can count on him to deliver."

Dave Presher
Vice President
General Manager


"Michael is an unquantifiable talent, his boundless abilities as a Producer/Editor/Voice Actor are truly astounding, not to mention the fact that he's a walking encyclopedia of songs, musicians and the music and radio industry. I wish my computer had that deep a database." 

Pat Colgan


"Michael Sheehy has great musical vision. His productions are definitive and entertaining, seamlessly combining humor with content. I consider it a privilege to work with him."

Meg Maryatt
Maryatt Music Group


"We use the station voice to make sure the call letter get across. One of our primary jobs, regardless of how much we think this is rocket science, is to tell people where they are so we can get credit for it. For those who want to convey an image for their radio station … using a station voice is a key element."

(Excerpt from R&R Interview)

Chris Brodie
Program Director
KTWV The Wave
Infinity Broadcasting
Los Angeles

"I've known Michael Sheehy for 23 years and had the pleasure of working with him for most of that time. He is a production wizard without peer. Michael's main talent is creating great stuff out of thin air. He always delivers!"

Robert David Hall
Actor, Writer, Musician,
Coroner Al Robbins MD On CSI (Crime Scene Investigators)


"Michael has a powerful voice that cuts through to the heart of the listener. As a producer, he is always insightful, positive, hilarious and forgiving. He IS a class act. Anyone in this business who overlooks working with him, needs to have their head examined... daily!"

Jason Gordon
3 Alliance Enterprises, Inc
Television Production


"The best in the business."


Tim Pohlman
Vice President
General Manager
KTWV The Wave
Infinity Broadcasting
Los Angeles  


"He’s good (Sheehy),” thought Leary. “He’s an actor. And he plays with his throat like a stringed instrument. No, more than that, like a sexual organ."

Excerpt from “Neuropolitics”
by Timothy Leary 1977


"Michael is very easy to work with, if I need something right away, Michael has always been there to get it done. His sound is perfect for 97.9 The Breeze."  

Rob Riesen
Program Director
Salt Lake City


"I cannot speak too highly of Michael.  He is a very creative person, has excellent musical taste and is a complete professional in all he does. He is a person of good character who is highly respected by all those who work for and with him. It was my hope he would be with CBS forever, but he chose to leave in 1983 to form his own business.  It was our great loss." 

Robert Nelson
Vice President
General Manager
KNX FM (1972-1988)
CBS Radio
Los Angeles


"The end product is nothing short of spectacular! Many times I've listened to the station and can't tell whether it's a song or a jingle starting, the ultimate compliment. The production is top notch!"

Jeff "Ozzie" Sattler
CBS Radio


"I said 'Go Crazy!', and Michael came back to me with just the maddest cuts I've ever heard, they formed the backbone of what we were doing.

Eddy Temple-Morris
Presentation Producer
BBC Radio 1


"Sheehy is my kind of blah blah de blah blah and one of the blah blah blah............. ! When it comes to blah blah blah blah blah he's blah de blah blah de blah than a hot poker up the blah blah and probably both the blah & blah that I've ever known."

Danny Roy Young
The Cornell Hurd Band
Austin, TX


"Once again, he has done it with a small budget and a whole lot of talent. Our newly produced jingles are yet another reason The Wave is Southern California's most unique sounding radio station."

Tim Pohlman
Vice President
General Manager
KTWV The Wave
Infinity Broadcasting
Los Angeles

"Working with Michael Sheehy is like working with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis.  You get the smooth voice of Dean and the silly wit of Jerry".  Really, I have known and worked with Michael for almost 10 years and I trust him to provide the best in station voice and the best in Smooth Jazz imaging.  Michael will go through walls just to make sure you get want you need, when you need it!"

Bruce Pollock
VP/Market Manager
Simmons Media Group
New Mexico
Smooth Jazz
105.1 The Horizon


"Michael Sheehy is amazing.  Regardless of which side of the microphone he's working on, he's in total command of his craft. His creative sensibilities are boundless. My professional association with Michael goes back over 26 years and just when you think he can't get any better, he does."  

Steve Marshall
Growing Pains,
Gloria, and
WKRP In Cincinnati
Originator of the
“Soft Rock” format


"Michael & Groove Addicts have single-handedly raised the bar a few notches ..."

Carol Archer
NAC Editor
Radio & Records


"Exactly what I had been looking for in a musical ID."

Carol Handley
Program Director


"If I had just half of Michael’s production technique, I'd have to get up 30 minutes earlier each morning to wipe the lip prints off my bathroom mirror. His stuff is amazing. He gives the rest of us something to shoot for."

Zack Boles
Studio Z 


"Michael Sheehy has created a library of 'theatre of the mind' IDs that add radio drama to the station’s overall sound. The IDs are key signature at the Wave, popular enough that they actually generate requests. Their purpose is two fold. First the IDs provide punctuation. They deliver our call letters and frequency. Secondly, they stick more effectively if they’re imaginative, a piece of theatre." 

(Excerpt from R&R Interview)

Chris Brodie
Program Director
KTWV The Wave
Infinity Broadcasting
Los Angeles


"Michael Sheehy... hummm,  where do I start. He is one of a kind, but I still can’t figure out what kind. 

Well, I’ll just say he’s an incredibly soulful dude who for many years has stuck his caring hands into the guts of the radio - to get to the heart of the matter for music's sake. The problem is, getting him over to my studio to bring the doggone thing back together again!"

Ellis Hall
Musician, Singer,
Songwriter, Producer

"Michael Sheehy is one of those rare production experts who is well respected by leaders in all formats."

n Barrett
Los Angeles
Radio People


"He's thoughtful and generous. There aren't many people in the world like Michael."

Julie Ashley
The Rogers Legacy
(Granddaughters of
Roy & Dale)


"Yeah... he eats here all the time... gets the tuna melt!"

Henry Ellend
General Manager